How withdrawal commission works?
Posted by Administrator on 28 November 2017 07:34 am

Valued Associates,

Our Unique & Sustainable "Withdrawal Commission" are so well designed over our pre-Architecture Business Algorithm Module.
But On other Side, our Research & Development Department always believe in taking Market feedback and of-course our Customer Suggestion to improve our services more efficiently.
System offered 1%, 2%, 3% & 4% of Withdrawal commission to Direct upline over their Straight Downline Withdrawal requested Amount.
It was Mutual Profits Sharing Concept. but now onwards, We are enhancing Withdrawal commission.
As Per our latest Updates - 
The Shared Withdrawal commission Amount will be credited back to Downline with the same amount to their SwissSilver Wallet in the mode of Dividend Fund.
Example - 
At Level - 0 , Ariansino (Dirham - $1000)
At Level -1 - Richard (Ruble - $500)
Let's Say -  Richard Placed Withdrawal Request for $100.
As being " Ariansino " Upline Deserve Withdrawal Commission = 3% [ As It's depends upon  "Ariansino 's" Personal Investment (Dirham Plan Subscription) into the system]
So,  Ariansino will get = $3.00 (in RolexGold Wallet)
And Richard will get = Same Amount as Dividend Fund into thier SwissSilver Wallet.
The record will be Available for monitoring -- Login --> Coremonitoring ---> Swiss Wallet ---> Received Transaction..
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