"V-A Portal" from 15th Nov. 2019 onwards.
Posted by Administrator on 14 November 2019 03:49 am

Important Announcement...effective from 15th Nov 2019 onwards..

This is Strongly Recommended to all our Valued Associates.

An Unique Portal for "Verification & Authorization" for Imperial DinerO Payments,  is going to be Launch Soon.

Any Individuals are allowed to use one single account or payment mode against each orelex Ids.  

All User have to update their Valid and Authorized Imperial DinerO at their E-currency under My Profile -> Orelex's Dashboard.

Any user have to performed any transaction (Imperial DinerO) with a Authorized User (Orelexian) under / follwed "V-A Portal"  only.

Strictly Do not "ACCEPT or SEND" a single payment to Unauthorized User, under / Unfollowed "V-A Portal"

Orelex is not going to accept any payment from Unauthorized User, under / Unfollowed "V-A Portal" from 15th Nov. 2019 onwards.



New /Old User must have ONE Orelex Account and ONE Imperial DinerO account for to be enrolled with Orelex offered Business Plan Subscription.

User Must have Valid and One Imperial DinerO account associated with Orelex as E- Payment Mode.

All Transaction for Either Flexi Or Investment should be performed from User's Personal Account only to avoid any interruption in services.

Transaction done towards making payment for Orelex Systematic Investment or Doing Smart Future Investment must be in exact value (e.g $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000 ) otherwise transaction will be on hold.

  • Any Performed Transaction Id associated with Any Payment Mode [BTC / i-DinerO / PM / Payeer] should be claimed within 24hrs.
  • A single transaction id can be claimed for maximum of 3 user Ids valid for only 24 hrs max.
  • Any Mislead or Suspicious or Disputed Transaction will be Treated as Freezed. No Further Communication will entertained.

Finding any Misleading or Suspicious Activities or Market's Ethics Violation as being Orelexian in any manner are strictly prohibited. Finding any Orelexian, their account may terminated permanently or blocked immediately without any prior notification.

No consideration or communication will be allowed further anymore.

Orelex have All Rights Reserve. All Orelexian are requested to follow the same.[]=article&param[]=53&param[]=what-is-payment-acceptance-time-frame-important-announcement