Our Portfolio Management Platform will be On HOLD OR IN FREEZE STATE.
Posted by Administrator on 02 April 2020 07:14 am

Coronavirus: Beating the Global Collapse

How can traders orient themselves in this changing environment and make profit?

Coronavirus is spreading intensively across the world. and its affect each and individual countries and their citizen's life brutely.
Financial Ecosystem - Major Industries like Hospitality Industries, Trading Industries, Banking Sectors, Trading Stock Exchange, Aviations Industries etc are totally disturbed.
Investors in crypto — as well as the broader financial markets — are understandably rattled by the rising impact of the COVID-19 virus globally, and the negative response so far from markets.
At Orelex, 
We entire orelex team are Customer Concentric, here so we are still providing the support  with our limited resources. Most of the Management team are still committed into your services from their Home to maintain and sustain your trust and Loyalty towards our system for life long.
For the Short Time Being ,
  • Our Portfolio Management Platform will be On HOLD  OR INOPERATIVE STATE. 
  • All, Investment or Flexi will be on Idle states.
  • Our Associates may communicate with us via email  (Major All Cases / Queries will be Handled )  /  Chat (Normal Cases will be handled),by  12Hrs / 5 days.
This will be effective from 25th March 2020, will be remain till further updates available with us. ( Possibly & Positively Soon. )
Looking for your Cooperation & Co-Ordination.
Stay Healthy, Stay Calm at Home.
Take A Good care of Yourself & Your Family.
Thanks - Administration..