Enhanced Details - Withdrawal Frame Work.
Posted by Administrator on 21 September 2021 10:02 am

Hello Users, 

We have fixed all the issues permanently. Furthermore you will not face such issues in future. (Exclude exception).
Effective from 1March 2021 & Revised On 20 Sep.2021

ROI BANQ Withdrawal Limit (Standard)
= PESO $20, RUBLE=$50, DIRHAM=$100, EURO=$250, DINAR=$500 [ All Cycle  ]

ROI BANQ Withdrawal Limit (Advanced)
= PESO $50, RUBLE=$100, DIRHAM=$250, EURO=$500, DINAR=$1000 [ All Cycle ]

"A detailed Summarization with " ROI BANQ Withdrawal Flow Frame (Presumption of progress Graph  )" will be available @HelpDesk & @Withdrawal & @Message Box Dashboard - Shortly."

Furthermore - Any User is not authorized to Renew their Personal Account until their ROI BANQ balance is greater than 10.

Please note - Any User's ROI BanQ balance is fully Withdrawable. Users are not allowed to hold. For Renewing or Re-Subscriptions your ROI BanQ Balance should be Less Than 10.

Meanwhile - Within this timeframe, Any Backlog as Missed Commission Condition will be liberal (Considerable) for all.

In Case, Any User Extending Their Business Life Cycle, out of System flow graph, immediately the Account will be Freezed without prior notifications till the resolutions.

Max Grace time allowed for ROI BanQ Withdrawal of 150  Calendar days.

Looking for your understanding & Support. Kindly, Convey the same to your team.

Thanks & Regards -