GOLDEX BANQ - Services will be LIVE On 27 Sept,2021./ Imperial DinerO Services Suspension.
Posted by Administrator on 23 September 2021 05:55 pm
GOLDEX BANQ - Services will be LIVE On 27 Sept,2021.
Goldex BanQ (GDX) services are based on the B2B Brokership Business Module Powered by ORELEX,  Framed by GOLDEX And Support By HelloXe .
B2B stands for Business to Business Brokership Work Module. The Services will be operational from 27 Sep.2021 onwards.
Business Plan Subscription with Payment Processor frame -
Business Plan Subscription = Primary Payment Processor + Secondary Payment Processor
A. Primary Payment Processor = BITCOIN / DOGECOIN
B. Secondary Payment Processor = Goldex (GDX)
Terms to follow - 
  • If Any User want to use GOLDEX (GDX) to invest into ORELEX'S Offred Systematic Investment Business Program have to select GDX as Secondary Payment Processor and User have to Buy Directly from HelloXe, options exclusively available at User's Dashboard.
  • Attention - User's Earned Commission / Any Benefits in the form of GOLDEX (GDX) can not utilize directly or Indirectly to Any New or Renew Business Plan Subscriptions.
  • User's Earned Commission / Any Benefits in the form of GOLDEX (GDX) have to SELL / Exchange directly to HelloXe Services, options which are exclusively available at User's Dashboard.
Important Note - No More Imperial DinerO will be acceptable for Any Business Plan Subscription after 30th Sept.2021  & Onwards (00:00 GMT).
Imperial DinerO -
All Credited Imperial DinerO will be Go again  for Quid ProQuo.
Next Quid Pro Quo will be open On 15 Nov.2021.
The Profits Benefits flow graph will be announced On 1 Dec.2021.
This is not about just Terms & Conditions, It's about you and your Investment. It's all about your Bright Future at the Splendid Horizon of Orelex Portal.
We believe Our Associates are our Core Valued Assets for us, so we are looking for your kind Cooperation & Support.

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