Major developments Linked with the Withdrawal Dashboard, Under "ORELEXGOLD-2022"
Posted by Administrator on 01 February 2022 07:03 am
"ORELEXGOLD-2022" - Major Technical Development..
Hello Users,
This is to inform you, We performed a few Major developments linked with the Withdrawal Dashboard, Under "ORELEXGOLD-2022"
Department of Withdrawal Panel.(New User -2022 onwards)
  1. "ROI Panel" 
  2. "Commission Panel" 
  3. "Awards & Rewards panel"
  4. "SwissRoyality Panel"
Department of Withdrawal Panel.( Valued User -2015 -2021)
  1. "ROI Panel" 
  2. "Commission Panel" 
               a).  " All Commissions"
               b).  "Awards & Rewards"
               c).  "SwissRoyality "
Other development Like -
Awards & Rewards - Start Processing Soon..
We believe Our Associates are our Core Valued Assets for us, so we are looking for your kind Cooperation & Support.
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Looking for your kind cooperation.
Thanks- Administration.
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