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What are the risks?
Posted by Administrator on 17 December 2016 02:28 am

What are the risks?

It’s important that you invest with realistic expectations – knowing the potential upside, and the potential downside.

All investments have risks.

There is a risk that at any time the balance of your member account could be less than the amount you and your employer (if any) have contributed. It is also possible you may not receive the returns you expect.

There are risks associated with Orelex Systematic Investment that could affect your ability to recover the amount of your contributions or impact on the returns payable from Orelex Trades as described in this Investment Statement.

The principal types of risks applying to Orelex that could affect returns are:

1. The risks associated with the assets in the investment portfolios;
2. The risks associated with active investment management; and
3. The risk that the investment portfolios you are invested in may be too risky or too cautious.

There is also a significant risk that legislation governing superannuation schemes may be changed in a way that affects the operation of Orelex Trades or your interest in Orelex Trades.for more details kindly read our Terms & Condition article.